Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Knockers

For the time being we are residing in a family's maid's quarters, a small room with a toilet, basin and shower.
The one wall is part of the garage, so we have to go through the garage to enter the back door of the house. So we share a wall with the garage.
So, when we want to get nto the house, we enter the garage through one door, and then its about a meter from another door which takes you into the house.

The family has three dogs. Two little ones who are very chilled and a big bitch, similar to a Bull Mastiff, who has perpetual PMS and wants to eat anything that moves.
She makes CUJO look like a lapdog.

Anyway, we have noticed a lot of noises coming from outside at night and assumed it was the dogs, until we realized the noises came from the garage at between 12.30 and 2am, every night. You could set your clock by it!

The first two or three nights we noticed that there was knocking on the door that we use to enter the garage. We laughed it off as a creepy entertainment, but later we notced that the knocking happened every single night at the same time!
A rapid cluster of about 7 knocks, like you would knock on someone's door. None of that 1-2-3 shit ghosts apparently do.

This shook us a bit, because we were the only strangers in the back, so why would any of the family knock on the back door to go into the garage?
Then I tried to debunk it as the dogs, maybe wagging their tails against their wooden boxes, making it sound like a knock. But the dogs do not have tails!
Also, when we heard it, we sped out the door of our room, where we can see the garage's door in plain sight, and its still shut with nobody, man or dog, there!

The other night both my kids went into the garage on a dare, and watching too many GHOST ADVENTURES episodes, with their cell phones' voice recorders on.
Every ten minutes they'd come speeding into the room --- once because Luma (the Cujo Bitch) discovered they were outside, and the other times, because they actually captured some scary EVPs on their recorders.
They left their phones in there and we went to collect them after 10 minutes.

They picked up a female voice that cries softly, and taps on their phone speakers....like Morse Code. Nush claims that it sounded like someone picked up the phone an inch off the floor and dropped it again.

Remember, all this we did while the family were asleep inside the house at 2am.
Then the fun really started.
I still wake up from the sound of the dogs bowls being dragged outside, but I actually stand in the doorway, looking at the bowls at the time and they are completely inanimate. Plus, the sound seems to come from inside the garage.
Aother thing I hear on the other side of our wall, aside from the knocking that starts it all off, is a lot of shuffling, as if the place is being rearranged and faintly you can hear people talking.

I have sprinted out into the garage when this happens, and nobody is in there....and the door to the inside of the house is far from where the family is. You have to pass from a room, lobby and corridor before you get to the living room and kitchen, so it is definitely not the voices of the family in the house.

When the lady gave us the room that first day, she remarked that one of her daughters occupied the room for a little while. Now she stays in the house. Gee, wonder why she does not sleep here anymore?
Could it be the serenade of the Midnight Knockers? :-)