Friday, January 22, 2010


I have been wanting to do this since last year, but never had the time or patience.
This is a blog for ghost stories I have heard and also a lot of things that had happened to me. Ghost hunting has always been one of my passions and now I feel I want to create another space I feel perfectly at home in ---- THE NETHERWORLD and its tales.

From a very early age all kinds of spooky things have happened to me, and I want to share my creepy experiences with others who believe and those who just enjoy a good chilling tale.

Take note: I don't want any shit from anyone here. You are welcome to comment, but I want everything in good fun and creepiness. This is not my attempt at proving anything and its certainly not a place for self-proclaimed scientists to come and spoil the fun for ghosty freakies.

The next AND FIRST story I post will be the most chilling and strange thing that had happened to me in Barberton, South Africa, back in 1999.



  1. Oh, the spookiness of life. I've had a couple of odd experiences, even when sober.

  2. Haha! Feel free to e-mail those "sober" experiences, hon. I'll blog 'em here ;-)

  3. Waiting (im)patiently.:)Dang-my photo on this is condensed to Rosenbaum's abs and groin...I'm okay with that.

  4. So glad you found your way here, ladies.
    I was just waiting to see who shows up and how quickly. I shall blog tomorrow....but for now, I have a date with Zak, Nick and Aaron xxx

  5. Zak and I were born one year and five days apart.He's an Aries.*swoon*

  6. Hi there Axe!!! Can't wait for your first story!!!! I Love ghost stories and paranormal happenings and have had some eerie experiences too, back east mostly.

  7. BTW, that's a BRILLIANT collage header. It's absolutely perfect!

  8. eeeeeeeek ---- i'm into all the psychic spiritual kinda stuff, not that i have any powers, i just believe

    do you get a psychic programme, lisa williams... she's brilliant with her ghostly powers, as well as being a medium

    can i make just one request please... i found the blue on the black hard to read, but that could just be me 'cos my eyes are giving me trouble

    hope you have fun here