Monday, February 22, 2010


Brackenfell, Cape Town, last night,

Nush slept over at a friend's house last night and when she came back today, she didn't even greet me.....she opened the front door and the first thing she told me was to sit down cause she HAD to tell me this.

At about 30 past midnight last night, the two girls got the munchies and proceeded downstairs to the kitchen. While they were looking for snacks, Nush told her friend she is just going upstairs to blow her nose. She has a bad cold.

See bathroom above.

Nush came up the stairs to the bathroom and as she was about to enter, she heard two distinct knocks on the bathroom door!!! She thought someone was behind the door, so she went in anyway, but as she shut the door, she realized that there was nobody in the bathroom.

She quickly exited the door, closed it behind her. As she did so, her friend's bedroom door shut and the door handle was pressed down to click it shut!!!
Just before it clicked shut, she heard a faint disembodied whisper clearly say :"Goodbye"

She flew downstairs like a rocket, needless to say, shared the story with her friend, who then refused to sleep in her own bedroom.


  1. Geez,EVP's are my favorite thing on GA BUT that dosen't mean I want a live one all for myself!Then again...I could offer to help the freakin' leave me alone.

  2. Haha...all they ever say is my name IN MY EAR. I have the gift (curse) of emotion. I can feel them as clear as crystal and I can also feel what they feel.
    When I was a teenager, I would just start crying uncontrollably for no reason, and it would be a presence, not my own feelings. FREAKY.

  3. OMG!! Did the girls get ANY sleep that night?

  4. Nope. They stayed up watching DVD's instead :-)