Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eerie religion?

Port Elizabeth, South Africa, last night

I had to share this, because it has a subtle paranormal feel.
Last night I prayed to the four Achangels....I'm a Pagan, we do things a tad differently. I felt like my prayer was a bit empty. As if I was not focused or as if I was not being heard.
Although I kept looking at the candle in front of me to see any unusual movement, the flame remained perfectly still.

I lost a bit of faith, and asked the angels to prove to me that they were there, because I could not feel them. But still nothing happened and I eventually completed my ritual and blew out the candle. I went to put away my candle and incense and such, and when I rounded the kitchen counter (right next to where I cast my circle) I noticed something that sent chills up my spine!!!

A napkin was standing upright on the counter!
A TISSUE napkin, not a strong one made of fabric. It was folded in three, vertically, when I last saw it, folded up, if you will to be put away later.

And here it stood on one of its sides, vertical, without falling!!!

I felt my hair stand on end when I reached out to touch it, but nothing strange happened after that.

I took the napkin and put it away in the drawer, smiling at this obvious revelation that physics as we know it is no match for the supernatural.


  1. That is pretty creepy. I swore my childhood home was haunted b/c things would be misplaced and turn up in odd places. My dad encouraged that belief, mostly to tease me, as he would say, "Willie Jones must've moved it!" Willie built the house in 1889. It's weird b/c I never associated the paranormal things I experienced w/ an adult man, but instead w/ a younger man, like late teens. I found out later that Willie had a son named Chester, and Chester's room was what became MY room.

  2. Aahhhh, then it had to be Chester! That is so cool, Jo!

  3. I don't think I'd be conscious when I experience something supernatural. I'd faint. LOL