Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Voodoo imitating Life?

Now, as some of you know, I wrote a novel about Louisiana voodoo and creepy stuff in general. This might not be a huge ghost story, but I tell ya, it raised my hair somewhat. The coincidence was just too uncanny.

We were shooting the book trailer on my mother's farmhouse porch the first day. Watch the trailer, so that you will know what the porch looks like....

As we wrapped the scene, we switched off the camera and my mom teased me about the Kudu heart in my hands and how it reeked, when suddenly, from nowhere, the bottle of sherry, that I drink from in the clip, flew off the table and smashed at my feet!!

We just looked at each other, then joked about the real voodoo spirits we lured drawing the Veve's (sigils) of the various Loa (spirits) on the walls for decor. Our words had not properly left our mouths when the vase that held the roses, jumped and smacked against the OPPOSITE side of the wall from where it was standing!!! There was no explanation! No wind could blow it over....and it had been standing still for over 12 hours without even toppling once.

Of course my overly Christian mother started with her dooming warnings about my dance with "alternative" religions and how this proved that drawing Veve's indeed brought spirits out....as she so clearly told me why she does not watch Amityville or Poltergeist.
"they come through the screen, Axy, " she always says. "they know we watch things about them, so they have power."

Well, maybe I should call a money god and prove her wrong ;-)


  1. I don't know....I think you SHOULD try calling the money spirits. You seem to attract them. The door between this world and the world of the dead becomes a curtain around you.

  2. Don't wanna fuck with things I can't switch off along with the lights ;-)

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