Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Candle's Mass & The Singing Ghost - Port Elizabeth, 2013

My room sometimes holds an electric charge, usually associated with stuff being flung about, but not very often and also not very aggressively.
The pewter vase in the picture was once my book-end and stood fast for months next to my microwave. One, day, in front of our eyes, three of us of which one is a sceptic, the damn thing simply shifted briskly behind the microwave, leaving my books unsupported and they all fell to the side WHILE WE WATCHED.

Now that, as I explained it away, being a believer who prefers to debunk the hell out of something before I call it 'supernatural', I figured could be the pressure from the books eventually pushing the vase away.

However, three days ago something happened which could not be so easily discarded.
The candle in the picture is impaled on a spike which is quite long. I haven't used it or lit it for weeks when one morning I was woken by a supreme crash next to my bed.
This candle had fallen to the floor. No big.
I figured it had splintered at the base and came off the spike and IF it were the singing ghost (I shall explain further down) she probably pushed it over, forcing it to crumble at the base and break free from the spike.
However, on closer inspection I found that the base of the candle was completely un-frayed, intact with only a small solitary little hole where the spike fitted.

Something lifted it off the spike and then threw it on the floor.
Now, whatever is here has been dubbed "the singing ghost', because sings.
One night my kids and I were mimicking opera singers and after our resulting fits of laughter, I jokingly told the ghost to 'give us a tune'.
It did.
From the corner which you can see in the picture, right next to the vase, came an off-note humming which trickled itself over three or four tones!!! It was an old woman's voice, clearly not a strong singer at all, humming off the pitch.
Astonished we fell silent after it stopped and stepped a few meters back from where she sang right next to us.

I am a vocalist and I often record songs in this very room on my very expensive microphone. Sometimes, when I playback, I can hear another voice, which I do not hear while recording, singing with me in the worst harmony imaginable...but she knows enough about her vocal lack of prowess to sing only parts with me, and to keep her tone relatively low.

It still gives me the CREEPS, though, that a disembodied voice is singing with me!


  1. OK if that happened here you'd see a Joanne-shaped hole in the front door.

    1. Hahaha! It's weird that we are more fascinated by this stuff than frightened. It's only AFTER that we look at each other and go "HOLY SHIT, dude!!"