Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Whisper by the Door


One night while my kids and I were still staying with my parents in the old farmhouse, my son and I encountered something very cool.

The room, according to my daughter Nush, houses a female spirit that stares at her constantly. Nush can "see" and I can "feel", so together we usually have a great time in a haunted house :-)
Nush asked me to sleep in the same room with her many times because even when she tries to turn her back on the staring 20-something with the dark, unhappy eyes and the bop-hairstyle, the apparition re-appears in front of her no matter where she turns.

I myself may have seen her one night. I opened my eyes to an outline of a chubby woman standing right in front of the window. Then it faded.

Nush was away to visit her dad in Johannesburg for 2 weeks and Ivan and I slept in this room. One night Ivan was very restless. I'd wake up several times during the night from his tossing and turning on the other wooden bed that stood horisontally at the foot of my bed....in a T-shape.
Man, he kept rolling, tugging at the covers, sighing....but I was very tired from farmwork that day and was too tired to bitch.

The following morning I woke up very early and sat up in bed only to notice that Ivan had NEVER SLEPT IN THIS BED that night!!!!!
I only realized that when I went to the living room and found him still sleeping on the couch with his blankets and pillow!!! Fuckin' hell!!!

That is the background of the room I am talking about....

A few days later, Ivan and I chatted in the room. I was sitting on my bed with my laptop, writing a story and he had brought me coffee. As he left, almost at the door we both heard a loud whisper : "HEY"

I tought it was Ivan, until he turned around, walked back to me and said : "Yes, Mommy?"

Astonished, I told him I had not said anything. He said neither did he!
For a moment we just stared at each other and then, as the chills set in, we started smiling.
Then Ivan ran out the room and made it clear that he needed some very strong coffee
....and maybe some rum with it!

I still can't see the girl who lives in the room, but hey, at least the bitch SPOKE for once. LOL!!!


  1. ... it seems like you attract more than one kind of heavenly being LOL

    i think burning sage gets rid of the real one - it may help her on her journey to the other side

  2. Yeah I'd burn the sage too. It will help purify and cleanse the home. Or you can just yell, 'GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT!' lol Seriously though, that is some creepy stuff. Wonder what your parents' farmhouse's history is.

  3. Yeah, I'd love to help the girl, cause I'm not afraid, but I can't see her. Nush can see her, but she gets so frightened that she can't move or utter a word. Hahahaha!

    Jojo, my mom told me that she found documents and newspaper IN THE WALL when she painted there!!! But it was apparently nothing interesting. Creeeepy.

    I know for certain the house has a few inhabitants. In the room where I attempted suicide in 2006, there is a distinct air of brute evil. I physically could not enter the room for 4 days when I first moved there.
    It crouches in the corner, and has a pig's head. I can "feel" that.
    Ivan said he saw a hooded thing with a pigs face one night when he slept there and it raised every hair on my body!!