Sunday, October 17, 2010


Last night my son Ivan went to hang with his best friend, Lance, for a weekend of.....yes, you guessed it....PLAYING PS2 GAMES till they keel over.

Now, Lance lives in a house that was built on the hill of Perridgevale, Port Elizabeth back in the 1940's. Lance's mom told me one night how the house came with a creepy cellar and when I told her the corridor creeps me out, she told me its because there is a frail, but relatively pissed old lady in black who haunts the corridor. She stands in front of Lance's room, wringing her hands nervously.

But apparently she had been like a guardian to Lance since he was a baby. His mom told me that when he was a fresh melon, she once asked the ghost to cover him if his blanky fell off. This happened a lot. And one night she actually watched the blanket move up over the baby's shoulder, as if he was being covered!

So my son told me that they were playing a game in Lance's room yesterday and Ivan suddenly became aware of a burning sensation on the back of his shoulder and neck, but thought nothing of it in the heat of TEKKEN 5.

When they went outside for lunch at 12.00 midday, he felt it burning immensely and when Lance took a look, he counted the deep scratchmarks on Ivan's neck and shoulder!!!
I thought he fabricated it when he came home, cause well, I don't always just believe teenagers.
He told me he had just joined the Zak Bagans "scratched-by-ghosts-club", and I laughed it off.....
Then he showed me!!!

And we got a picture too!!!

The two boys and Lance's dad were the only people in the house and Lance took this pic.
Either Lance's dad has small nails or this was Lance's guardian ghost, scratching Ivan for kicking his ass on the game! BWAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!


  1. Oh my God! My brother gets scratched on his back on a REGULAR basis! My family have had a long history with this kind of thing though I've never experienced anything personally. My mam and sister, on the other hand, are very sensitive.

    Maybe Ivan was kicking Lance's butt on Tekken and she wasn't happy. ;)

  2. Hhhmmm,methinks you should let the GAC in on this one.

  3. Oh yes, I'd love to get them IN on this, babe ;-)